A journal for the study of the Literary Artifact in Theory, Culture, or History


Vol. 7 (2014)                            ISSN (electronic) 1940-5731                 ISSN (print) 1947-9441



The Varied Reception and Response of the Inquisition to Two Saint Christopher Comedias in

1640s Seville
Anthony J. Grubbs, pp. 1-19

An Experiment of Identity: Kate and Edna in The Awakening
Daniel Thomières, pp. 20-54

Henry James's "The Friends of the Friends" and the Emergence of Social Network Theory
Adam C. Stier, pp. 55-95

Great Darkness, Mysterious Strangers, Infernal Personae: Mark Twain's Otherworldly Perspectives

James S. Leonard, pp. 96-111

Edmund Spenser's Married Chastity: Ovid, Feminist Coding, and Rhetorical Androgyny in Book III            of The Faerie Queene
Brenna K. Heffner, pp. 112-146

Representing Exceptions in the Old English Judith and Carl Schmitt's Political Theology
Erin E. Forbes, pp. 147-177

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