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Volume 3 (2010)

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Front Matter


Religion and Anatomy in John Banisterís The Historie of Man (1578)
Johnathan H. Pope, pp. 1-33

The Moorís Last Sigh: National Loss and Imperial Triumph in Lope de Vegaís The Last Goth
Bruce R. Burningham, pp. 34-63

Betraying Origins: The Many Faces of Aeneas in Medieval English Literature
Joanna Scott, pp. 64-84

The Mummersí Play St. George and the Fiery Dragon and Book I of Spenserís Faerie Queene
Jennifer C. Vaught, pp. 85-106

Wrestling for the Ram: Competition and Feedback in Sir Thopas and The Canterbury Tales
Baba Brinkman, pp. 107-133

Itís Miller Time! Baba Brinkmanís Rap Adaptation of the Millerís Tale
Peter G. Beidler, pp. 134-150

Who Knows Not Southwellís Clout? Assessing the Impact of Robert Southwellís Literary Success upon Spenser
Gary M. Bouchard, pp. 151-163

What Seamus Heaney Did to Beowulf : An Essay on Translation and Transmutation of English Identity
Sandra M. Hordis, pp. 164-172

All articles in Volume 3 are linked above in portable document format (PDF).  To access these articles you will need the latest version of Adobe Reader.  Adobe Reader is available for free download here.