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Volume 1 (2008)

John Miltonís Recourse to Old English: A Case-Study in Renaissance Lexicography
William E. Engel, pp. 1-29

Philosophi in Adiutorio Fidei: Pastoral Uses of Pagan Moral Teaching in the Later Middle Ages
Charles F. Briggs, pp. 31-49

A Paradise Full of Monsters: India in the Old English Imagination
Mark Bradshaw Busbee, pp. 51-72

Paradise Lost and the Cultural Genetics of Shame, Remorse, and Guilt" 
William John Silverman Jr., pp. 73-103

Thatís Not Funny: Comic Forms, Didactic Purpose, and Physical Injury in Medieval Comic Tales 
Mary E. Leech, pp. 105-27

Yesterdayís Eve and Her Electric Avatar: Villiersís Debt to Miltonís Paradise Lost
T. Ross Leasure, pp. 129-45

Medieval Community: Lessons from the Film Black Knight
K. A. Laity, pp. 147-57

Dante in a Modern Context: A Review of Sepultura's Album Dante XXI
Matthew Teutsch, pp. 159-80

All articles in Volume 1 are linked above in portable document format (PDF).  To access these articles you will need the latest version of Adobe Reader.  Adobe Reader is available for free download here.