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Our motto is "mind, body, spirit, and soul." While many of our products are geared to teach college-level writing and research skills or to provide current research work on literary texts, OLP gives to programs or initiatives that benefit younger students (from toddlers to teens) in ways that supplement traditional learning. These ways include craft and manual creative activities, nutrition instruction, and exercise/sport programs.



The OLP facility in Northeastern Ohio has a classroom equipped with materials for manual crafts which children in the community or from the staff families can enjoy. One prominent craft is, of course, bookbinding, a process which is particularly appealing to kids who love art work, as they can turn their coloring pages and drawings into a rudimentary text block that is subsequently bound by one of the staff.  In all craft projects carried out in the classroom, the goal is to instill the pleasure of using one's mind to create a material object that shares both aesthetics and utility.


The classroom is also open for staff members who have training or expertise in certain academic subjects to hold workshops for older children. OLP also donates a substantial amount of its profits to buy curriculum material for qualifying students from the community.


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To encourage younger children to begin to view their minds and bodies as an organic unit, OLP provides the space and funds to start and maintain a vegetable and herb garden on its premises. On a volunteer basis, staff members with their children plant, weed, water, and harvest the garden. "Red Wriggler" earthworms are placed in the garden's soil to turn table scraps into rich organic fertilizer. Needless to say, this charity venue is a "perennial" hit with the staff and children.




Individual OLP staff members with an athletic ability or hobby are encouraged to adopt a toddle or teen from the community or from the staff family pool in order to model the skill to the "trainees" and to play/exercise alongside them. This partnership in sport can lead to relationship bonds that extend beyond the period of instruction. Often, the volunteer sport coaches become academic coaches who provide advice, motivation, and, eventually, letters of recommendation.   OLP provides funds to cover all activity and equipment fees for 6 to 8 weeks of athletic instruction.