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Welcome to OPEN LATCH PUBLICATIONS, an independent micro-press dedicated to providing textbooks and

open-access serials of the humanities. Many of our products have interactive features which allow students to have work assessed by the books' editors. A portion of our profits returns to the community via our educational and eco- and health-awareness initiatives. To see our books, click on the STORE link in the blue bar above or click here.


The LATCH Journal: To search the pdfs of the open-access literary journal LATCH, click here.




Almost all textbooks have dated access codes which allow you request extra material or to interact with editors.

These codes are located behind back flap covers. Once the flap cover's seal has been broken, a book cannot

be returned. We invite you to view your purchase as a symbol of your commitment to persevere through the rigors

of the class in which the material is used.



We deeply appreciate your decision to use our texts in your classes. Thank you. In order to serve you better, we

asked that you let us know which text you plan to use and an approximate number of how many copies you'll need

at least two months in advance of the start of your class. If you use more than one text for a certain class, we can

bundle the texts and offer them to your students at a discounted price along with free shipping.



Please email us at service@openlatch.com to discuss discount purchases. All electronic purchases must go

through PayPal, but we also accept check and money orders. We ask that you order carefully as we offer only a

limited refund of 75% of the wholesale price of the products if the products are returned no later than 30 days after purchase. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.