The Dulia et Latria Journal

Volume 1 (2008)


Timothy R. Jordan

"Implied Acceptance: The Religious Other in the Decameron"

pp 1-15


Richmond B. Adams

"Trains and Billboards: Carrie's Existential 'Fall'"

pp 17-32


Tom A. Tharn

"The Medieval Christian in 'Mirror-Mode': A Brief Sketch of the Mirror as Sacred Tool from Paul's 'In Aenigmate' to Dante's Paradiso"

pp 33-46


U. Milo Kaufmann,
"The Wardrobe, the Witch, and the Lion: C. S. Lewis and Three Mysteries of the Christian Faith"

pp 47-63


Renee Alida Aukeman
"The Multiple Roles of the Roll in The Pilgrim's Progress"

pp 65-78


David Porreca,
"Biblical Authority in the Malleus maleficarum: Sacred Text in  Support of  a Radical Agenda"

pp 81-93




The Dulia et Latria Journal

Volume 2 (2009)


Galen Johnson

"An Augustinian Model for Conceiving and Measuring the Influence of Christian Higher Education"

pp 1-22


U. Milo Kaufmann

"Bacon's New Atlantis and the Contexts of Science"

pp 23-37


Samia Costandi

"The Poetics of Conflict and Reconciliation: A Narrative of Palestinian Dispossession"

pp 39-56


Esther Chung-Kim,
"Calvin on the Use of Wealth in the Christian's Life"

pp 57-77


Jamie Render
"Inner Space and Outer Regions in Medieval Meditative and Visionary Literature"

pp 79-90




The Dulia et Latria Journal

Volume 3 (2010)


Galen Johnson (John Brown University)

"Jonathan Edwards, Apocalyptic Historian"

pp. 1-20


Chris Garrett (Oklahoma City University)

"'The Full Treatment': C. S. Lewis on Repentance, the Process of Becoming a 'New-Made Man'"

pp. 21-31


Richmond B. Adams (Andrew College)

"The Ambivalent Empire: Frank Norris, St. Paul, and The Octopus"

pp. 33-48


Raymond Legg (Bryan College)
"The Devil's Advocate? A Polemic on Vanity in Modern Christianity"

pp 49-75


Matthew Horn, (Kent State University)
"Legere Limini: Wanders vs. Pilgrims in the Liminal"

pp. 77-116